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The Perfect Induction

Employee engagement begins before day one!

The workplace induction process is essential in welcoming your new employees and getting them ready for their new role. However, the sheer volume of information that needs to be conveyed, from company policies to contractual details, can often leave induction programmes feeling flat and boring – and can even lead to essential information being ignored!

An interactive Job Offer Pack is the perfect way to gather all the necessary information together in an easy to read and interesting way, ensuring your new starter is fully prepared for day one. You can include everything your new colleagues need to know about the role, from contracts and job descriptions, to benefits and company policies.

Adding interactivity, such as a welcome video or new starters’ quiz, helps to create a great impression before day one and presents the need-to-know information in a dynamic, engaging and memorable way. Even better, you can track every click in PageTiger’s integrated reporting suite!

See our interactive Job Offer Pack example then contact us to find out more and learn how to get a pack branded for your company.

Our guide to the perfect induction

Collate all the best parts of working for your company in one professional, easy-to-use guide. This will deliver your onboarding information to new starters in a dynamic, engaging and memorable way, while letting them know what to expect and get them excited for their new role.

Our top tips:

  • Be succinct – Collate all your pre-boarding documentation into one pack or portal rather than sending out dozens of emails or bits of paperwork. Keeping it compact also means your new starter is more likely to read the information!
  • Be engaging – Induction packs can be so much more than flat PDFs! Include weblinks, videos and quizzes to inject an element of fun to the induction and get your colleague excited about their new role
  • Be savvy – Don’t just send the information out and hope your new colleague and hope they read it! Use a system with reporting so you can track exactly what your new starter has read. This is especially crucial when dealing with mandatory learning, such as health and safety training.