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Bring content alive with video

Monday 19 December 2016

One of the best ways to engage your audience is by using video. But to impress stakeholders your video content needs to be good quality, and that often means extra expense.

So, to make it easy, PageTiger has produced a collection of films specifically for HR and employee communications that can be added to your interactive publications.

The Presenters

Over 500 actors applied for a screen test but only 8 made it through:

Chetan Nesba colin naima

kirsten lucy Sam Robert

Chetan Pathak | Nesba Crenshaw (British & American)|Colin Holt | Naima Stevenson Kirsten Foster (British & American) | Lucy Symons | Sam Sugarman | Robert Perkins

How to buy stock video

Adding video to your PageTiger Account is managed in a similar way as when you access stock images.

You’ll need to have sufficient Content Tokens. Each video clip costs 50 Tokens but, once the videos have been added to your inventory, they can be copied and shared to be used by other PageTiger Accounts across your organisation.

Order PageTiger Content Tokens and we will contact you to arrange video file access

The Scripts

Preparing for your interview

Helping candidates to plan their interview makes the session far more effective and this short clip gives tips on how to research the company and role as well as what to bring on the day. There are three different videos including setting up a remote online interview as well as standard face-to-face interview both in a new company or applying for an internal move.

Preparing for your first day

Give your new recruits a warm welcome with this short video.

Used in conjunction with the content in your interactive publication, the package will give hints and tips on managing an employee’s first day to make it a great success.

How to onboard new starters

Starting a new job is exciting. But it can also be daunting. The first few days and weeks in a new role can be filled with questions and concerns.

Ensuring your management team have a clear onboarding plan you can ensure that your new starters have a great experience when they join us.

This video clip explains the importance of the induction, gives some tips and can be used alongside interactive checklists in your PageTiger onboarding manuals.

Dealing with absence

Your managers will need to deal with absence from time to time but how confident are they in doing so?

This video guide, part of our Managers’ Toolkits, explains the different types of absence and what they will need to consider when dealing with absenteeism at work.

Dealing with difficult situations

We’ve all been faced with a difficult situation at work. Problems, dramas and frustrations are part of life.

This video will help your managers deal with difficult situations quickly and effectively, to prevent them from festering or affecting your team’s work.

How to hold successful meetings

Who among us hasn’t complained about meetings? Too frequent, too lengthy, too rambling — and too much of an imposition on our busy working days.

See how to make meetings an effective way to communicate colleagues. Manage a well-organised meeting to be great forum for discussion — following the practical steps in this short film for meeting success.

Health and wellbeing at work

It’s difficult to do your job well, or to enjoy your day at work, when you’re ill or injured, or just feeling low.

This clip how to improve wellbeing at work. From making sure your workstation is well organised through to healthy eating and physical fitness.

Your workplace pension

By 2018 all employers in the UK must by law provide a workplace pension scheme. This is called ‘automatic enrolment’.

This short video explains what it means for your workforce, what’s involved and the next steps.

Social media -empowering staff

Social media is a powerful tool and employees really can be the best ambassadors for any brand. This clip explains to managers how to educate and inspire staff, so they can tell the world how great your organisation is!

Social media etiquette

Everyone uses social media. It’s an established part of our personal lives and often, to a greater or lesser extent, part of our professional lives.

This video clip explains some important rules for your employees to follow in relation to their job.

Your benefits

An employee’s benefits are more than just the salary. This video can be used in conjunction with your company benefits packages to better communicate offers and incentives for the employee and their family.

Manual handling

One of the biggest causes of back injury at work is lifting or handling objects incorrectly and this stock video gives some top tips on position and technique to lift weights safely.

Setting up your workstation

Spending most of your day at a desk can take a real toll on both body and mind. It’s an unavoidable aspect of working in an office environment. But this clip explains how a few changes to how your workstation is set up can make all the difference to comfort and posture.

Understanding social differences

Business etiquette differs from one country and culture to another. Doing business with international colleagues, partners or clients requires special preparation.

This clip explains how to respect local customs and check the basic business formalities and traditions before you travel to a business meeting.