PageTiger Q3 results

Friday 2 December 2016

“The third quarter to November 2016 saw the upward trend continue with 51% increase in like-for-like sales and year to date growth of 42%.

And despite significant investment in new product development and extending support for customers with TigerPrime, PageTiger has posted EBIT +16% to budget.”

Henry Weston, Co-Founder and CEO

System usage

The increase in new customers, their adoption of PageTiger as a tool to deliver employee communications and an expansion in the size of the workforce of an average organisation using PageTiger has driven the overall usage up significantly.


In Q3 publications created using PageTiger were visited 863,204 times – a growth of +26% over the previous quarter and +45% year-on-year increase.

Business outlook

The concept of designs themed for a customer’s brand has enabled organisations to extend usage across international offices while retaining the brand integrity.

This trend is expected to continue through 2017 with the marketing team being expanded to manage the roll-out for existing customers and the ever growing enquiries from new businesses.

Expansion of the NPD team will also accelerate development with the preview in February of TigerPods at Learning Technologies 2017 in London Olympia.