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Our insights on how to make your presentations even more amazing

From financial reports to policy changes, we rely on presentations to convey all manner of critical company updates to our colleagues. Yet while our client-facing comms have had a modern facelift, many of us are still relying on the same uninspiring powerpoints as our predecessors when it comes to internal content. So, how do we bring the presentation into the modern day workplace and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

See our interactive example and read our insights below to learn how to make your presentations even more amazing, or browse our catalogue of templates and request a custom sample here!

The no-no’s:

    • Too much content on the page – Keep your presentations to a maximum of five points per page. Streamlining your on-page content means your audience isn’t deterred by text laden pages, ensuring they actually read and engage with your content


    • Too many slides – You won’t keep your audience hooked if they can see they’re reading slide one of 50! Really consider everything that’s going into your presentation. Does it need to be there? What is it tangibly adding? Remember, you can always link out to further information points or websites if necessary


    • ‘Flat’ content – Nothing is more likely to kill audience motivation than two-dimensional content, so you need your presentations to be more than just words on the page. Including interesting imagery and infographics is a great place to start. You can also add interactive content like videos, web links to really bring your presentation to life, see our example for inspiration!


    • Poor design – Fuzzy screenshots, off-brand colours and naff slide transitions are all offenders in the crime of bad presentations! You wouldn’t dream of sending out client-facing content that defied your brand guidelines, so why treat your internal comms any differently? Ensure your content looks slick and professional by keeping your fonts, imagery and colour palate strictly on brand. With PageTiger, this couldn’t be easier! We can create you a company Theme, which will instantly apply your brand fonts and colours to our library of interactive templates, including presentations, induction guides, and eLearning modules. This takes the hard work out of design by ensuring consistency and polish across all your comms. Browse our catalogue of templates and request a custom sample here!


  • Sharing your presentation as a file – Sending out presentations as email attachments, or even printed documents, might seem like a sensible way to circulate your content, but this approach is laden with pitfalls:
      • You can’t amend your content once you’ve sent it – This might seem like an obvious one, but there’s nothing more frustrating than sharing a document only to spot a typo! Avoid the embarrassment by using an online system like PageTiger, which allows you to amend your document even once it’s been published and distributed


      • You have no control over what your colleagues do with the content – With file-based sharing, there’s no guarantee that internal comms will stay internal. Even if you password protect your file, there’s still the risk that your readers will download, print and share your content with others. PageTiger’s security settings will guarantee that your content is only seen by the people you want it to be, and you can even switch off file download and printing functions for an extra layer of security!


      • You have no idea if anyone’s reading your content – There’s nothing more disheartening then spending hours on content, only to have no idea if anyone’s actually read it! PageTiger’s integrated reporting suite tracks your readers’ every click so you know exactly which elements they’re engaging with and if any pages get ignored. This data is invaluable when it comes to feeding back to managers and stakeholders, and it also lets you know which areas to improve for next time


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