Meet the Modern Learner

The highlights from our must-see keynote seminar at Learning Tech 2017

Today’s modern workforce is filled with tech-savvy learners who expect accessible, interactive learning experiences anytime, anywhere. Millennials (people born 1980-1995) are the largest generation in history and will make up a staggering 50% of the workforce by 2020! As such, it’s imperative that your learning appeals to the millennial market.

As first generation ‘digital natives,’ millennials will expect interactive digital learning. To adapt to the modern learner and meet their rising expectations, managers are forced to rethink how they approach learning in order to retain, engage, and nurture their talent. They must simplify the employee experience to encourage learning anywhere and on any device, adapt content to create personalised learning experiences, and encourage them to engage with their training in new and creative ways.

Showcased at Learning Technologies 2017, our keynote seminar ‘Meet the Modern Learner’ was a standout success. We share our insights about the increasingly digital learning environment to help you get in synch with today’s modern learner.

Click here to watch the presentation filmed live at Learning Technologies 2017!