PageTiger Landmark

PageTiger has never been so popular

The award-winning PageTiger system has reached 100 million page views.

This means that all the content created in PageTiger – from presentations to portals, internal comms to learning materials and everything in between – has been viewed a staggering 100,000,000 times.

This achievement is a real testament to PageTiger’s clients, who are using the system to create truly engaging content that keeps their readers coming back for more.

PageTiger was developed in response to the universal need for a simple way to put content online, which can be reflected by the company’s prestigious and rapidly growing client list.

PageTiger CEO, Henry Weston said:


“We’re thrilled with this outstanding achievement. PageTiger has changed the game by providing a simple way for non-technical people to create amazing online content.

By reaching 100 million views, it’s clear that we’ve succeeded in providing an industry-leading solution for creating corporate communications.”