Personal training portal

Sunday 1 January 2017

With PageTiger usage rapidly expanding around the world, for over a year the team has been developing a platform to deliver virtual classroom learning.

Live tests ran during Q4 and the TigerClass Online Learning is now fully available to access classes, join webinars and view demonstrations.

Booking your event

Your comprehensive education programme

Your personal training portal will show any classes you have booked to attend as well as any free events including webinars scheduled with system updates to show new features.

Details of class content are listed on the TigerPrime website.

As an existing Administrator you can buy Training Tokens then book places on live or online training classes using your TigerPrime membership number.

Class online booking for existing Administrators

New customers can request a personal 30-minute demonstration with one of our advisors. Once approved, you’ll be sent a temporary login to access your personal training portal to join the TigerTour together with a local dial in number for audio.

TigerTour booking request for new customers

Joining an event

Accessing your personal training portal

When you first register as an Administrator you’ll be sent your TigerPrime membership card which includes your personal TigerPrime number. This is also your password which, together with your email address gives you access to the PageTiger training.

As a new customer, you’ll be sent a temporary password to login.


The personal training portal allows you to join any classes, demonstrations or webinar sessions you’ve booked or been registered to attend. These are shown on the right of your portal and you will be able to join at the specified start time.

For demonstrations you won’t need to install any software and you can dial in to a local telephone number to listen and speak with the trainer.

For a class, you’ll need to set your browser to Google Chrome and install a plug-in. Once done, unlike an ‘online meeting’, the TigerClass system allows you to both see the trainer’s screen as well as the trainer to see your progress.

Rather than dialing in, we recommend for training classes that you use a PageTiger USB headset to allow you to work on projects while talking with your trainer and others in the class.

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