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Introducing Single Sign-On

It’s now even easier to integrate PageTiger into your company intranet!

With our new single sign-on service, you can seamlessly incorporate your PageTiger publications into your corporate intranet, while still keeping your content secure.

Our single sign-on security rule locks down your content so only colleagues who have signed-in to your intranet can access it. This ensures that your internal comms always stay internal. Even better, it creates an effortless reader experience for your colleagues, who can simply access content directly from your intranet site without having to log in to our system.

Interested in setting up SSO for your content? Email support@pagetiger.com for more information.

More ways to stay secure

There are loads of different ways to secure your PageTiger content and by default, all PageTiger publications are not indexable by search engines. So whatever your needs, you can rest easy knowing your publications are safe and secure. See below for a full list of the PageTiger security rules:

  • Password protection
  • Email verification
  • Single sign-on
  • Restrict by IP address
  • Disable search engine (default setting)
  • Restrict by employee number
  • Badge protected (users must earn a specific badge by completing a quiz, for example, before they can access content)

You can find out more about our different security rules on our advanced Level Up online course. This will also cover advanced appearance settings, and offer insight on how to make your content even more amazing. Click here to read the course overview and find out more.