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TigerPrime is the go-to destination for anyone looking to boost their PageTiger skills. Whether you're just getting started with the system, or want to make your PageTiger content even more amazing, you'll find everything you need on TigerPrime.

From workshops to webinars, events to system updates, TigerPrime is your ultimate learning portal. Get exploring!

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Whether you’re a seasoned PageTiger user or are brand-new to the system, we have a class to suit you!

Our learning workshops cover everything from creating your first PageTiger publication to interactivity, from setting up your account to the best practice principles of digital design. Discover our range of classes and book your place today!

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On-site bespoke classes

For a fully immersive hands-on experience, you can request a PageTiger consultant to run a workshop with you at your offices.

This is the perfect solution for ambitious users who know the sort of projects they’ll be using PageTiger to create. Calculate your on-site training now and get in touch to learn more about what you can achieve with our workshops.

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